The term 'NOVO' is derived from the word 'Novocastrian' a native or inhabitant of Newcastle in the Australian state of New South Wales.
This is the city where we Novo Tan began!
 NOVO Tan was created with the vision to make Thursday tan nights a breeze.
HOW?.. by taking away the complication of choosing the right products! and by ensuring your tan is perfect for all occasions.
Our Ultimate Bronze tanning mousse is Australias 1st customizable tan... the only tan you'll ever need.
WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?....the amount of layers you choose to apply determines the depth of your tan!
Our mousse is formulated to give 3 shades of tan
This can be decided by using our layering guide!
Every product in the NOVO Tan range works alongside each other to give you the best tan experience possible.

Happy Tanning NOVO Babes!